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Back To School

Hi friends! It’s that time of year again, all of the kiddos are heading back to school. I thought it would be fun to talk about back to school traditions and share some of the little things our family does. 
They say that you only get eighteen summers with your kiddos before they are grown, the first time I heard that my reaction was WOW and then 😭!
That really had me hanging on to summer this year and not wanting it to end. Especially since our girls are really growing up so quickly.
I’ve always loved celebrating little things and doing my best to make memories and traditions with our girls. It sounds odd to some but I truly love it. Back to  School is no different, although as they get older and have busier schedules things have changed some. 
Here are the things we do each year.
#1 I decorate, I know some of you are like, SAY WHAT, but it’s fun for me and the Target $ spot makes it so easy and affordable too!😂 I didn’t go crazy, I just set a school themed table. 
#2 The school supply/new outfit shopping trip. I seriously put this one off until the weekend before school started. Normally we would do it sooner but I just wasn’t ready to give up on summer this year. 
#3 The obligatory First Day photos. Our girls are always thrilled. Ha! I have to do it though, because when we do the obligatory Last day photos, I’ll NEED to post a side by side. But seriously, I really do need to do this, I love it and some day they’ll appreciate it (maybe). 
#4 We always go for out ice cream after the first and last days of school, usually with cousins or friends. This year we chose Starbucks instead because their grandparents had given them gift cards as a back to school gift. 💗
#5 We try to start the year out with a devotional or scripture. I’m also trying my best to text them a verse and encouragement each day. Our verse for this year is 1 Timothy 4:12. 
I’d love to hear what your back to school traditions are! I’m praying for a safe and fun school year for all of our kiddos and school staff! 
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