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Easter's On It's Way

Hippity Hop... Easter's on it's way and we thought we'd share a fun Easter breakfast idea with you today! We love celebrating holidays at our house and often times I set up special meals for our girls. 
For Easter I love to make bunny bottom pancakes for them. They are simple, yummy, and really cute!
To make them use your favorite pancake batter or if you're short on time, use frozen pancakes like I did this year! ;) You need one larger pancake for the bunny bottom and two smaller ones for the bunny feet. Just layer your pancakes and decorate. Add a dollop of whip cream for the bunny tail and feet. I also purchased a bunny candy kit from the holiday baking section at Target, you could use strawberry or banana slices too.
(The adorable Lemonade and Juice bottles are available on our site and in our store.)
I served our pancakes with mini strawberry and powdered donuts, orange juice, and lemonade! It's a bit of a sugar overload but hey, it's a holiday!  I love doing things like this to make holidays extra fun and special for my family!
And, just incase you're like me and love a festive holiday t-shirt to go with your bunny bottom pancakes, we have you covered there too! These adorable shirts will be available this week at our First Friday event!
  I hope you all have a beautiful week and Easter season!
~ Jamie

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